Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Theatre Productions Class

A Showcase Production Class

This class will be providing the students the opportunity to: 

  1. Create an acting company 
  2. Explore numerous texts by one author at a time 
  3. Analyze the various scripts using a "How to Read a Play Packet"
  4. Cut pieces for performance 
  5. Stage and polish the showcase of performances 
  6. Create PR for the event 
  7. Present the showcase for the public 

(invited classes or groups, and an evening showcase for pay)

We will develop FOUR showcases in one semester
To be performed in the Blackbox, in the classroom, 
or in the Auditorium


This class will also be exploring several acting theorists and their techniques for reaching believable performance. We will cover the process discussed by Constantine Stanislovski, Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagan, Stella Adler, and Lee Strasberg.

We will be using The Great Acting Teachers as our resource book for the class
(If you are taking this class, you should get this book!!!)

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